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Community News Archive

Clearing the Air: How carbon pricing helps Canada fight climate change is a new report by Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission.

Sweden just opened the world’s first electrified road just ou

We are delighted to announce that a dear friend and colleague, Wanosts’a7 Lorna Williams, Lil’watul from Mount Currie BC, is being honoured with a 2018 Indspire Award for he

This weekend, it is all around the world, where Earth Hour gives people a chance to send a signal that they care about ongoing environmental degradation and want action to be taken.

“We have forgotten that nature is not something outside of us—someplace we go hiking in on the weekend—but that it is us.”

— Suzanne Paleczny

What matters most to Canadians? How much do we differ in what we want for Canada across gender, generations, regions, ethnicities? In a rapidly shifting global context, what values do we want to be reflected in the future of Canada?

A new study conducted by The Bridge Engagement Centre (The Bridge) found that curbing daily cigarette use can reduce dependence on opioids.

Who will be tending your vegetable garden when the ocean rises? An octopus? A seastar? The Octopus's Garden series features experts on sea level rise from a wide variety of backgrounds who will address ways we can adapt and build resilience, with a focus on local to global challenges and solutions.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday, Legion Magazine produced this whirlwind video essay highlighting the ongoing history of our country.