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The West End Well is a cooperatively owned grocery store in Ottawa that aims to bring healthy, local foods to the community.

Taken from the International Sustainability Education Foundation website:

Seed Map is an interactive and user-friendly website that provides information on the sources of our food, critical challenges for agriculture, and ideas on how to sustainably develop agricultural systems.

Hope and the ‘Art of The Possible’ in the face of Climate Change brings Rob Abbott to speak at the AGM of the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BSCEA), Victoria Chapter.

The RDI and the SGRC announce the launch of the Digital Basin Portal.

An interesting opportunity has been posted on for someone with an aptitude and/or interest in both the theatrical arts and environmental issues.

How the World's Religions are Responding to Climate Change is a new book that exams perspectives on climate change as they relate to different religions across the globe.

The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) hosts a blog that shares ideas from global thought leaders on issues associated with the complexity and gravity of the human predicament caused by the threats to sustainability.

The Our Canada Project (OCP) is an initiative of Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) that aims to involve youth in the process of envisioning a more sustainable future for Canada.

Groundwater is essential for life in arid and semiarid regions. It is also important in humid regions, and is one of the fundamental requirements for maintenance of natural landscapes and aquatic ecosystems. Many of Canada’s most sensitive ecosystems are dependent on groundwater.