July 2017

A 21st Century Imperative

Climate change is one of the key human imperatives of the 21st century. Climate change is one of the key human imperatives of the 21st century. So why is it often so hard to engage or take action? With gloomy messaging, complex reporting, and mountains of information available at our fingertips, processing this issue can often be overwhelming. But we're here to help.

New MC3 2.0 Interactive Maps

We just published two interactive maps plotting data collected from our MC3 2.0 research exploring local climate actions and innovations in BC. Using text mining to analyze a series of interviews with 11 local government climate innovators, we mapped how often the word ‘province’ was mentioned to compare whether its role differed from phase 1 (2012-2014) and phase 2 (2015-present) of the interviews.