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Sustainable Biofuel Innovation in Canada

recent study revealed that climate change may release toxic mercury in the Arctic. It estimates that the amount of natural mercury stored in permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere is twice as much mercury as in all other soils, the ocean, and the atmosphere combined.

On-the-ground study improves health of homeless participants

A new study conducted by The Bridge Engagement Centre (The Bridge) found that curbing daily cigarette use can reduce dependence on opioids. In a previous study focused on the homeless community in Ottawa, they discovered that 96% of participants smoked as compared to just 9% of the city’s population. The Bridge undertook this second study to determine if tobacco use affected the prevalence of drug addiction among the homeless.

Nature Canada Hosts Art Auction

Nature can be exceptionally inspiring! From the budding trees and flowers to the roaring mountains and fascinating animals; artists are inspired by the textures, colours, and sounds of the natural world. That’s why Nature Canada is hosting their 3rd annual Art for Nature auction and have asked Canadian artists to create extraordinary art pieces using nature as their muse.

New Museum Coalition for Climate Justice

In response to climate change, museum professionals from across Canada are joining together. Founded earlier this year, the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice is “mobilizing and supporting Canadian museum workers and their organizations in building public awareness, mitigation and resilience in the face of climate change”. As a top priority, the Coalition is gathering and sharing relevant research and information on climate change.

Little Brown Bats: Not Bat At All

With Halloween just around the corner, The Northwest Wildlife Preservation (NWPS) is celebrating nature's nocturnal wonders. The bat is often misunderstood and even feared by many so the NWPS is trying to shift attitudes to help little brown bats thrive in British Columbia.

Why are bats important, you might ask?

Yukon Arts Centre Exhibit Explores Human/Nature Relationship

Human/Nature, an exhibit currently showing at the Yukon Arts Centre, explores our complex relationship with the natural world. Featuring three-dimensional sculptures and two-dimensional oil paintings by artist, Suzanne Paleczny, this exhibit “asks the viewer about their impact on the natural world. More specifically, how that impact is not always positive”.

Planning for Sea Level Rise Series

Who will be tending your vegetable garden when the ocean rises? An octopus? A seastar? The Octopus's Garden series features experts on sea level rise from a wide variety of backgrounds who will address ways we can adapt and build resilience, with a focus on local to global challenges and solutions.

Happy Canada 150!

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday, Legion Magazine produced this whirlwind video essay highlighting the ongoing history of our country. Illuminating accomplishments, struggles, disputes, and facts, this project takes stock of who we are as a nation and how we got here. From peacekeeping, multiculturalism, and diversity, to Captain Kirk, hockey, and Drake, it shares the funny, the sad, and everything in between.