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Welcome to the CRC blog, where we discuss bleeding edge issues around sustainable community development. The term ‘bleeding edge’ connotes the idea of our failure to somehow or other convince the publics about the urgency of responding to climate change now, and that we need to better communicate the principles and practises of sustainable development to the wider publics. So, yes it takes courage to be 'at the edge', and sometimes one 'bleeds' a lot, but let's start the conversation now.

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Empowering the Future, Facing the Sun

Skidegate (HlGaagilda), one of two Haida communities on the Graham Island, is joining other First…
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A Personal Note

When my son was alive, we used to talk a lot about existential loneliness, part of…
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Leaping Forward

Besides its threats to our survival and biodiversity, the Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, a…
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From Risk to Resilience

The Prairie Climate Centre at the University of Winnipeg just released the ambitious new Climate…
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French Ambition to Transition

Last December, for the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the One Planet…
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Edging Forward: The Biodiversity Imperative

This week the world mourned the death of Sudan, the last of his kind: a male…
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The Battle Against Plastic Pollution Continues

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared some positive news on different 
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Fair winds and following sun in the North Atlantic coast

In January, the U.S. Federal government unveiled its plans for making 90 percent of their total…
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Keep the North Cold

Askov Finlayson is a Minneapolis-based clothing brand that specializes in hats and outdoor wear.
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The Good Society

When the small planning team in 1988 was creating the National Round Table on the Environment and…