It's time for the Feds to Step Up

Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, so they have a big part to play in keeping to a l.5 degree increase. The built environment must be carbon-neutral by 2050 if we are to limit warming to below 2 degrees C.

We are fully capable of building carbon neutral and now carbon restorative buildings, that is, buildings that give back to the grid. A new “zero code” building standard has just been introduced by Architecture2030. I have blogged extensively that we need bold, innovation legislation, policies and programs to accelerate the take-up of climate innovation in this country and worldwide.

So, demand in the next election that the newly elected government immediately put in place legislation that all new building construction must be up to a zero code standard. Let’s not edge forward but rather leap forward before our future options foreclose. It is clear we must act now.

Image via Toronto Star by Pablo Hidalgo/Dreamstime