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Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Dialogues

The majority of the world's climate researchers concur that the current rate of climate change is being influenced by human activity.  We are now faced with the reality that we must both adapt to our shifting climate and mitigate the rate in which this shift occurs. Through partnership between RRU, UBC and SFU, the Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3) project has been created to address this imperative by engaging in research on climate change adaptation and mitigation community strategies (with focus on BC communities).  A major component of the MC3 project is to stimulate dialogue around climate change issues and best practices, and a series of MC3 dialogues were held throughout 2012.

Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3) Concept

British Columbia (BC) is on the leading edge of what is likely to be a major wave of local government innovation to address climate change in Canada. In response to the threat of anthropogenic climate change, the province has introduced innovative policies that go far beyond those in other North American jurisdictions. These policies have created a unique research opportunity: the province will be a ‘living laboratory’ of policy innovation for CO2 mitigation at the municipal and regional scales.

The MC3 project brings together researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from non-governmental organizations, provincial ministries, and three of the province’s universities to make the most of this rare opportunity. MC3 will identify emerging best practices and innovations in community climate change responses, develop strategies to share policy innovations, facilitate peer-to-peer learning exchanges, and stimulate the widespread knowledge mobilization needed to move communities beyond the changes required by current legislation and policies


List of Conversations

Unmasking the Synergies - Climate change response and sustainable development paths. On May 23rd 2012 (1:30pm to 3:30pm PST), members of the MC3 research team discussed the importance of investigating the types of climate change innovations occurring in BC communities. This conversation illuminated the opportunities these innovations provide for social learning among communities and their strategic implications for transitioning to more sustainable development paths.

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Climate Innovation and Implementation in BC Communities. On October 2nd, 2012, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm PDT, members of the MC3 research team and research partners engaged in a conversation on the preliminary findings from the eleven MC3 case study communities. This discussion highlighted climate change and sustainability innovations occurring in leading communities across the province and will explore policy, technical and social strategies that are contributing to innovations aimed at reducing emissions and vulnerability and/or increasing sustainability.

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Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3) Learning Exchange. On January 18th, 2013, the Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3) held an innovative Peer Learning Exchange at Royal Roads University, bringing over forty climate leaders and champions together to exchange information about the drivers of climate action and innovation in BC. This workshop was designed as a peer forum for diverse knowledge among climate leaders and champions to be brought together from a diverse cross-section of BC communities across the province to exchange, discuss and reflect upon innovative climate solutions being undertaken to meet the climate change challenge.



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