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New Community Vitality Project Launched

This research project is a continuation from the first five-year Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development (CRC) and is based on what we have learned from the first five years. Place matters deeply to Canadians, but we lack the ability to see the aggregate impacts of the scale of our activities, the meaning of limits and how to sustain critical biodiversity in our communities. How do communities become more vital in all these aspects?

Whats new at the CRC

My latest presentation given at Royal Roads University on November 3rd touched on the work we have done over the last 5 years and a look into the future plans for the Canada Research Chair on Sustainable Community Development.

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New Climate Change Project Launches

The goals of this Canadian University Research Alliance (CURA) project are to identify and investigate innovative municipal approaches to provincial climate policy and document best practices through selected detailed case studies, and secondly, to spur cross scale knowledge mobilization between communities in order to bootstrap innovation diffusion.