April 2013

Natural Resources Wales: managing natural resources through the lens of sustainability

Last week, Natural Resources Wales became operational bringing together the previous work of the Countryside Council for Wales, the Environment Agency Wales and the Forestry Commission Wales. Sponsored by the Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales will be one of the first public bodies in the world that will manage natural resources in a manner that considers benefits under the three sustainability imperatives: social, economic and environmental.

In the first year of its operation, they aim to,

The Sharing Project

The Sharing Project is a new research initiative that aims to investigate cooperative models for economy by exploring potential for transitioning into a more collaborative, sharing-based economic system, i.e., a sharing economy. Based in Vancouver, BC, this research will explore,

A Brighter Tomorrow: LED Street Lighting in British Columbia

On January 28 of 2013, municipalities from across BC came together for the A Brighter Tomorrow: LED Street Lighting in British Columbia workshop hosted in Burnaby, BC. The objective of this workshop was to provide municipalities with a better understanding of the technical aspects of LED technology, of potential procurement and financing options, as well as of the opportunities to build a compelling business case if communities in the Province join efforts.