A Brighter Tomorrow: LED Street Lighting in British Columbia

On January 28 of 2013, municipalities from across BC came together for the A Brighter Tomorrow: LED Street Lighting in British Columbia workshop hosted in Burnaby, BC. The objective of this workshop was to provide municipalities with a better understanding of the technical aspects of LED technology, of potential procurement and financing options, as well as of the opportunities to build a compelling business case if communities in the Province join efforts. As a result of this successful workshop, BC Hydro decided to join efforts with the BC Provincial Government, LightSavers Canada, and representatives from municipalities to establish a working group focused on finding solutions to overcome the technical, financial and operational barriers for the adoption of LED streets lights.

To guide the focus of this working group and to provide them with the information necessary to identify the common barriers that need to be addressed in your and other municipalities, LightSavers has posted a survey online.  Responses will take 10 to 15 minutes of your time and will help determine gaps in the market and possible solutions and next steps to look at energy savings opportunities with LED street lights. Only one response per municipality is required.

Please click here to access the survey.

Text above was prepared by British Columbia LED Street Lighting Working Group (BCLEDSL).