An Action Agenda for BC Decision-Makers

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: An Action Agenda for BC Decision-Makers has just be released and is available from the publications section of the website.  This work was derived from research conducted through the Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3) project, involving researchers from Royal Roads University, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia working with twelve research partners from the public and private sectors to examine leading cases of community climate innovations occurring in BC. The specific research activities that shaped this Agenda include eleven case studies of communities with innovative climate change strategies, online dialogues, and a regional peer-to-peer learning exchange that brought over 40 academics, practitioners, and civil society leaders to discuss the innovations occurring in the province.

The Agenda summarizes MC3’s major research outcomes and provides twelve recommendations for BC decision-makers, to stimulate more innovation and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation over the next three years and into the future.