Put Food in the Budget

We have just added Food Secure Canada's press release page to the Food Security resources section of the Solutions Agenda project. Food Secure Canada is a non-profit organization that contains members across the country, committed to the food security movement in Canada. The most recent press release created by Food Secure Canada discusses the chapter they prepared for the 2013 Alternative Federal Budget, a report published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The chapter details the current challenges Canadians face in terms of food security and discusses how not having a national food policy can be inefficient and costly. The chapter also provides recommendations on how to craft the policy, including elements such as,

  • a national student nutrition program,
  • the adoption of local sustainable procurement policy for all federal institutions,
  • the creation of financial and educational incentive programs for family farms,
  • and, increasing the budget for Nutrition North Canada and an independent review of the program.