Is it enough?

At COP 15, the prime minister committed C$800m of funding over seven years to Indigenous-led conversation projects in Canada across an area the size of Egypt, starting a “story of reconciliation”

Two Little Frogs

Glancing out my basement office window this morning, I saw a small frog in the window well and then another a few feet away. I went to let them out a little later and they were on the ledge pressing against one another, one larger than the other. After releasing them, I wondered about the difference between people who care and those who don't and what causes the difference? And similar to the last blog, how have our research assumptions and the lens we use influenced our interpretation of  the 'others' and their behaviour, how much do we miss?

The Voice of Trees

This haunting melody is the result of Bartholomaus Traubeck’s technology which reads the rings of a tree as a record, and interprets them as music. These tracks represent different varieties of trees, and the results are pretty incredible. The complexity of nature, and its patterns to which we are largely unconscious, are revealed by this unique integration of nature, technology and the arts. A reflexive moment before starting my work day.