How to Kill a City

While drinking my morning coffee, I read this article from the New York Times. It was sent to me by one of my beloved graduate students, Joanna Chin, and it is one of those thoughtful pieces that make you think deeply about a modern issue. We are trying to write another journal article building on our first one on gentrification, Sustainability for Some. To peak your interest, here is a quote from the article.

The journalist Peter Moskowitz, in his 2017 book “How to Kill a City,” writes “The fifth and last phase of gentrification is when neighborhoods aren’t just more friendly to capital than to people but cease being places to live a normal life.” New York’s skyline is erupting with buildings like these — stacks of cash-stuffed mattresses teetering in the wind.

Forgive me, Joanna, I still haven't given up drinking coffee.

Photo illustration by Derek Brahney via


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