Concept Area Maps

What is a concept area map?

It is a method of visualizing the strength of the dominance of an issue, displaying them relative to the number of times they appear in a body of research or text. These concept maps have been created through an analysis of 55 CRC e-Dialogues and 53 case studies. The coding framework used by Community Research Connections research team was derived from four research themes from the past ten years of Professor Dale's Canada Research Chair in Community Sustainable Development. Click on one of the themes below to pull up the map.

Professor Dale was particularly interested in exploring whether or not there was a relationship between these four themes and what was the strength of the connections. 

Using the links above please explore the relationships within the four themes and the importance of the 77 key concepts that emerged from the data. Each square totals 100% with each of the smaller squares showing how much each concept contributed to the overall theme. The size of the square illuminates the importance of that particular concept to the CRC research themes.

Explore each theme by hovering over each square to obtain more information regarding each concept. The smaller squares are not titled for ease of reading.