Sustainability of Small Communities: Why and How October 2nd & 3rd

Taken from the International Sustainability Education Foundation website:

Create a better world for tomorrow: this is the motive driving conversations about sustainability around the globe from international conventions to family dinner tables, from government meetings to our workshop on October 2nd and 3rd in Parksville BC. The task at hand, however, is challenging. It requires the action of a community: all of us!

You are invited to Parksville to discuss how your community can achieve long-term sustainability. This is a workshop dedicated to small-town community capacity building. Our goal is to create a workshop where you can share in hands-on problem solving about issues that matter to you.

A community requires economic viability, social well-being, care and devotion to the place you love and a healthy environment. When adding up all of these ingredients in balance with each other you create a sustainable community, a community that can withstand whatever kind of uncertainty comes its way and maintain its character and integrity into the future, in other words, a resilient community. How do we create this holistic ecosystem where each ingredient is in balance with the others?

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