The Digital Basin Portal

The RDI and the SGRC announce the launch of the Digital Basin Portal.

After two years of research, consultations, partnership-building, analysis, software development, and testing, the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute (RDI) and the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre (SGRC) are excited to announce today the release of the Digital Basin Portal for the Columbia Basin Boundary region in south-eastern BC. RDI researchers worked with SGRC spatial analysts and developers and GIS and business students from Selkirk College to construct this online portal which provides detailed information about well-being in the region. Over 100 data layers have been organized into indicators within four pillars: environment, economy, social, and cultural. This project represents one of the most complex web mapping applications ever attempted in Western Canada in both the range of information layers provided and the ability to view the information in tables, charts, reports and interactive maps. The intended audience for this application includes local and regional government planners and decision-makers as well as researchers, students, and the general public. Sources of information include national and provincial government agencies, municipalities and regional districts, local non-profit organizations, and researchers located within and outside the region. This project received financial support from the Real Estate Foundation of BC, SIBAC, Community Futures East Kootenay, CBT and Selkirk College.