The Good Society--Rural Revitalization

This interview with Zita Cobb about the revitalization of Fogo Island touches on a major issue in sustainable community development, the revitalization of small and rural communities. Cobb states we need a revolution of thought, recognizing that nature and culture are the two great garments of human life. We have faulty accounting, let us reflect as a country, who hasn’t met a Canadian whose money didn’t come from a rural place?

 We need a revolution of imagination—reinvent how we do business, to reclaim the ‘gift of place’. Place contains wisdom, and the elements we need to operate internally and externally in some kind of harmony. Fogo Island is specific, and human beings are thirsty for the power of the specific.

 The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing—nature and culture, the true garments of human life, everything else needs to be supportive of that, and sacred capital.

 Our next e-Dialogue in the Solutions Agenda series is on this topic. Stay tuned.


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