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Welcome to the CRC blog, where we discuss bleeding edge issues around sustainable community development. The term ‘bleeding edge’ connotes the idea of our failure to somehow or other convince the publics about the urgency of responding to climate change now, and that we need to better communicate the principles and practises of sustainable development to the wider publics. So, yes it takes courage to be 'at the edge', and sometimes one 'bleeds' a lot, but let's start the conversation now.

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Everything is Connected

NASA visualizes the 22,000 tons of life-giving dust that flows between Africa and South America,…
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One Giant Step Forward

 “A target of net-zero emissions by 2050 is not only desirable but necessary. This is the time…
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One Small Step to Change the World

This video describes one man's way to pay back to community. How many more small steps could be…
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This is Really Cool

As a visual learner, I understand data better when it is shown in an excellent visual. Click here…
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Decarbonization is not a dream

A new report on U.S. decarbonization from the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project, shows how the…
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Housing Innovation

For many people, picturing what energy neutral living looks like can conjure images of converted…
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You Can't Deny This

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has just released an animation showing the…
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Stop Energy Going Down the Drain

What if a new technology has found a way to contribute power to the grid, makes use of already…
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Change the World in 17 Steps

This year, the 2000 Millennium Development Goals expire and United Nations member states are now…
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And Now for Something Completely Different

I don't often write personally on my academic blog, but on a cold wintery day in the East, when I…
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A Call to Free the Global Economy from Carbon Emissions

International business leaders are calling on governments to pledge a zero-net-emissions target for…
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Democracy and Climate Change

How do you make climate change sexy? The poem played off Dr. Seuss is wonderfully humorous but so…