Powered by Art

Every two years, the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) invites creatives from around the world to submit sustainable energy infrastructure designs. Their Biennial Competition encourages artists, architects, and landscape architects in collaboration with scientists and engineers to submit proposals that bring together design aesthetics with renewable energy and water technology. Artworks should exude design beauty while educating the public on the challenges of climate change and growing population.

As stated on their website, LAGI’s baseline requirements for the competition are for artworks to:

  • capture energy from nature and to cleanly convert it into electricity;
  • transform and transmit the electrical power to a grid connection point to be supplied by the city;
  • to respect the natural ecosystem of the proposed site.

 The result is a series of breathtaking futurist designs perfectly fusing art, science, and technology. One of the most striking finalists is “Flowerpops”, a floating “artificial garden” resembling water lilies producing 13,000 megawatts of electricity annually. Another submission, “Paper Boats”, generates 2,400-megawatt hours of electricity per year through solar energy while stimulating the growth of coral.

For detailed descriptions and images of the design projects selected as finalists, check out this Guardian article

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