If the world were 100 people

If there were only 100 people in the world, would we fight harder for equality? In just over two minutes, this video (by reducing stats on the world population to a sample of just 100 people) breaks down issues like:

  • Income inequality
  • Food consumption and general health (obesity rates and hunger)
  • Access to clean water
  • Access to housing and shelter
  • Access to global connectivity via the web
  • Technological consumption in  (mobile phone ownership and access)
  • Access to post-secondary education

One of the biggest challenges to “thinking globally” is dealing with the scale of numbers that accompany the information coming in. With a manageable scale of 100 people, inequalities can be visualized more clearly. And with each number represented by a stick figure, the video illustrates human impact in place of statistics.   


"If the world were 100 people," by GOOD data, (via YouTube). 

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