What is Canada's Potential?

Canada ranks well in sustainable development, but how exactly do we measure our headway? 

Are global indicators appropriate in a Canadian context? And is Canada positioned to be a leader in universal sustainable development goals? These are some of the questions that BC youth, involved with the BCCIC, have been asking experts across Canada. In May 2016, the BCCIC published “Keeping Track: Measuring Progress Toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals”. The report outlines each of the 17 UN SDGs, and includes interviews and recommendations from a diverse group of leading Canadian voices. Poverty and health, for example, the first and third concerns on the UN’s list, are not simple to measure. In Canada, Indigenous communities live in the most extreme poverty, but data is greatly lacking in these communities. In this case, leaders recommend more qualitative data sources, such as focus groups and interviews, alongside existing quantitative data. Above all, the goal of the report is to stimulate conversation and share knowledge across all levels of civil society.

The full report is free to read and download here

Image from the BCCIC Keeping Track report

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