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Welcome to the CRC blog, where we discuss bleeding edge issues around sustainable community development. The term ‘bleeding edge’ connotes the idea of our failure to somehow or other convince the publics about the urgency of responding to climate change now, and that we need to better communicate the principles and practises of sustainable development to the wider publics. So, yes it takes courage to be 'at the edge', and sometimes one 'bleeds' a lot, but let's start the conversation now.

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Governing with Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence refers to the ability of large groups—a community, region, city or nation—…
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Transformative Change

Our research in climate change adaptation and mitigation is exploring how to measure change in…
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Leonard Cohen Strikes a Chord with Al Gore

Watch below for an interview with Leonard Cohen from Norwegian talk show Skavlan in 2007.…
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Paris Gets its Show on the Road

Citing climate as the “number one priority,” Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo has announced plans to…
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Let's Move Forward with a Clean Slate

Happy New Year! Watch Bill Gates discuss solutions for clean and cheap alternative energy:  Video…
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A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

My team has been exploring how to make data more accessible and how can we make research more…
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Ontario Government Leads the Way Again

The Ontario government is planning a total revamp of the province’s garbage-…
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Can Religion be Part of the Solution?

This TEDTalk discusses a solution to the violence of religious extremism that is devoid of life,…
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Exponential Technologies

In the midst of all the negativity, a positive forecast for 2017 for clean disruption…
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Come On Get Scrappy

The clothing industry is second only to oil when it comes to pollution and negative impacts on the…
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Little Kids and their Big Dogs

Russian photographer, Andy Seliverstoff, has captured the heartwarming connection and companionship…
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Super Cool Visual

A new supercomputer visualization from NASA provides an astounding 3D view of carbon dioxide…