The Next Big Imperative

On our front page this week, we feature our video on spatial justice, justice that takes into account place integrated into social justice, that we can’t have spaces of inequality alongside gated communities. The rising income inequality revealed by the recent Oxfam study that the top 1% now possess 48% of the world’s wealth is further exacerbating a world of haves and have nots. Why have we moved from policies designed to enhance a vibrant middle class and equitable wealth distribution to this uneven distribution?

George Monbiot from the Guardian in this fascinating analysis talks about some of the drivers contributing to the state of social disaggregation we are currently experiencing. He also references a series of contemplations by Friends of the Earth that explores how we might reconnect, with one another and the natural world.

In my forthcoming book, Edging Forward, I also discuss in the second last chapter the need for reconciliation, (re)connection, and regeneration if we are to move beyond merely edging forward to leaping forward onto new sustainable development paths.

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Image via Friends of the Earth



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