CRC Word Clouds

Word clouds are visual tools for illuminating the prevalence and relationships between certain terms, concepts, or ideas in a body of text or literature. These word clouds were derived using concepts identified by the CRC research for the Community Research Connections coding framework. The coding framework was developed iteratively by a researcher/practitioner partnership and refined over the last six months for this project, partially through cross-referencing with another coding framework developed for research conducted on behalf of the International Cooperatives Association.

A word cloud was developed for each of the research themes of the Canada Research Chair.

The word clouds reveal the prevalence of concepts within the CRC case studies and e-Dialogues developed over the funded 10-year research program. The larger the word (concept) is in the cloud, the more often it has been cited or referenced in the over 100 case studies and e-Dialogues. These visuals allow us to draw insights on which concepts are drivers for sustainable community development and which areas need more research. As well, the ‘clouds’ reveal patterns and relationships that are emerging from our data.

e-Dialogue Word Cloud

The e-Dialogue word cloud was developed by distilling the 100 most frequent concepts emerging from the e-Dialogues archives held over the course of the CRC research program. This word cloud is a snapshot of the themes and concepts that have been an integral part of over a decade of discussions on sustainable community development and their innovations.

Proper names and grammatical terms (e.g., prepositions) of both data sets were removed before generating the word clouds to ensure that they represent only substantive content from the data.



 Anticipatory Governance







Sense of Place





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