Design, Redesign and Multi-Functionality

Further gains in urban sustainable development are right before our eyes, by design and redesign. These four videos show what innovations can be made--oysters, suburbia, design, and greening the ghetto.

 Mexico is another example of transforming wasted space into multi-functional places for people. Under Bridges converts the often vacant, trash-strewn space beneath Mexico City’s overpasses and freeways into shopping plazas, public playgrounds and outdoor cafes. The program mandates that 50 per cent of the land remain as public space, with playgrounds, exercise areas, greenery and picnic tables; 30 per cent is commercial and office space, and the remainder, 20 per cent for parking.

 If you wish to continue the conversation on multi-functional spaces, join our upcoming e-Dialogue on Wednesday, June 19th, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST.


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