What is a 21st Century Curator?

By: Jaime Clifton, Research Curator

Google recently unveiled their revamped Google Arts & Culture platform, alongside an interactive mobile version. After receiving a new coat of paint, this curated platform encourages users to explore arts and culture through multiple lenses. With a suite of interactive tools showcasing works from over 850 museums worldwide, Google’s “choose your own adventure” format offers a little something for everyone. Users can zoom into artworks, learn about stories of the day, explore curated digital exhibits, and even take virtual museum tours using Google street view technology. Content is curated with a mixture of text, interactive images, and videos inviting users to switch back and forth from active readers to active viewers. It also offers a level of user-control over the pace and movement of experiences. This user-friendly interface ultimately prioritizes the quality of content over the spectacle of technology. As a digital art exhibition, newspaper, and classroom all rolled into one, Google Arts & Culture echoes the spirit of 21st century curatorial practice.

Google Art & Culture Art Medium Screenshot

Google Arts & Culture screenshot of art mediums




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