Half Art, Half Science

When you picture urban road networks, you likely think of bustling streets, heavy traffic, and city transit systems. Not Craig Taylor, a Data Visualization Design Manager at Ito World. His breathtaking project, Coral Cities, transforms complex street networks into delicate ocean corals spanning the spectrum of the rainbow. Illustrating 40 cities from across the world, his striking animated visuals map 30-minute commutes from city centres, not taking into account traffic congestion. Teaming with life, his vibrant corals are shaped by geographical features, such as mountains and bodies of water. Their many branches represent the “diversity and complexity of the grids”, according to this Fast Company article, and have unique patterns and functions. Half science, half art, Coral Cities transforms seemingly mundane city infrastructure into mesmerizing works of art. To learn more, visit the project webpage on Medium.

Coral Cities: Kantar 2018 Submission from ItoWorld on Vimeo.

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