Let's all Breathe Easier

I have previously blogged on Victoria and Nanaimo's leadership on reducing plastic in the waste stream and its urgency for the sake of the lungs of the planet—our oceans. The United Kingdom has just banned the manufacturing of plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products. Why is this important? There are currently five trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world’s seas reaching every part of our world.

But this is entirely unnecessary as I recently ‘saw’. I ordered some essential oils on-line and I am going to name the organization which I rarely do as we are a research site, Living Libations, for their packaging innovation. My ‘stuff’ came in 100% recycled and recyclable brown cellulose cushioning, unbleached recycled brown boxes, and non-toxic, organic starch packing peanuts. The peanuts can be put in my compost and further, when I put it under my kitchen tap, it totally totally dissolved.

Come on, developed countries, as we move to more and more on-line just-in-time shopping, change your packaging practices. Amazon and Indigo, we are depending upon your leadership. And for each of us when we order on-line, demand this type of packaging.

Changing our packaging practices can help us all breathe a little easier.

Photograph: Lynne Cameron/PA