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The secretary of the United Nations has appealed for a big push to achieve as many as possible of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals by the deadline of December 31, 2015. Two other reports also call for the eradication of poverty as the number-one priority and set out complementary goals concerned with gender equality, education, health, food, water and sanitation, climate change, energy, employment, natural resources, governance, peace, and finance.

A recent editorial in Science magazine stated “The plain truth is that it is not clear how these goals will be met, but it is evident to fill the development gap, we must fill the knowledge gap from different sources”. With respect to poverty eradication and gender equality I have two immediate solutions that could be taken by all levels of government to eradicate poverty, gender inequality and at the same time, reduce population growth based on the following.

First, there is an inverse relationship between a women’s education and the number of children she will bear. Second, there is an inverse relationship between a woman’s education and infant mortality.  Third, violence against women is a phenomenon that persists in all countries (Science, 2013, 340). Fourth, the World Population Council estimated in the 1970s that the world’s population growth could be cut in half by investing in educating women worldwide.

So, the solutions are easy.

  1. Redirect all aid to the education of women worldwide.
  2. All governments to implement a policy of zero tolerance for violence against women and children.

For other easy solutions, visit our Solutions Agenda project.


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