The Good Society--Connectivity

In my last post, I talked about the importance of walkability to individual and community vitality. The good society is also about places that have space to meet, run into one another and connect in diverse ways. Culture is dependent upon the informal interactions we have the opportunity to make with one another, and I would argue, with other species. Density also matters, “which is why cities matter [in the production of culture]. People exist physically, they go places, and do things bodily, and the likelihood that you’re going to run into other people to generate new things in new combinations. . .is vastly improved by the density that characterizes cities, as well as densities that are configured so as to be more conducive to sociability”. Calgary Herald Now combine that with a higly walkable neighbourhood, you have more people knowing their neighbours and less need for more policemen (Putnam, 2000). A dear friend of mine recently wrote me, "I knew that it takes a community to raise a child, but I didn't realize it also takes a community to help you heal."

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