Can Religion be Part of the Solution?

This TEDTalk discusses a solution to the violence of religious extremism that is devoid of life, vision and soul, by reclaiming the heart of the traditions of multi-faith communities. There are four common principles among many who are working in this burgeoning community:

1. wakefulness: social change only happens when we awake to see the house is on fire;

2. hope: is the single greatest act of defiance that lifts us out of the containers that constrains us;

3. mightiness: I can show up, I can be part of changing the conversation, bridges the paradox between power and powerlessness, and

4. inter-connectedness: systems of oppression benefit the most from the culture of individualism.

Even agnostics such as myself can embrace this shift toward love, justice, equality and dignity for all, with no-one left behind.











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