September 2012

QUEST has a new website!

Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, QUEST, is a collaborative network of stakeholders who are actively working to make Canada a world leader in the design, development and application of Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES). Since its creation approximately 5 years ago, the QUEST Network has grown significantly and thus a new website has been created for connecting this increasing number of community builders from across Canada and around the world.

New Case Study Published!

A new case study on workplace sustainability programs (WSP) has just been released.  This study investigates whether adopting pro-environmental behaviours (PEB) in workplaces can lead to employees integrating these behaviours in their personal lives. The study provides an in-depth review of the WSPs of four companies based in Victoria, BC: AbeBooks, Advanced Solutions, Archipelago Marine Research, and Smart Dolphins IT Solutions.

New Videos in the Degrowth Video Series

Michael Harcourt, Chair of Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST), and Seth Klein, BC Director at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, were the final two presenters on a panel of four put together for our March workshop on rethinking growth and prosperity, De-growth: A Critical Juncture?. Harcourt discusses how, in the face of rapid population growth, developing urban spaces in a manner that creates a liveable and sustainable environment for city residents is vital and, in fact, presents a massive economic opportunity.