February 2012

CRC Video: Retelling our first animation

This video features a recrafting of the first video created in CRC Research's social media research project.  We began our social media experiment with an animated video designed to highlight the differences between humans living with nature and humans living against nature. Using stop-motion animation and tongue-in-cheek humour, the animation unfolded the natural succession of an ecosystem and abruptly interrupted this process with rapid industrialization.

Our new website

The CRC website has a upgraded to a more navigable design to allow users to easily access all the research, news, and projects on sustainable community development. See our new features, especially 'Community News', which highlights sustainable community development projects by partner organizations, colleagues and other groups working on similar issues. We hope you enjoy our new design and we encourage you to explore our work and welcome any comments you have.

The Vitality Project is live!

What makes a community thrive? Is there optimal scale for the neighbourhood, city, and region? What are the new models of governance do we require for managing multiple, competing uses of land, our natural resources, and for maintaining our own vitality? What makes a community not just get by, but GET AHEAD?

Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues (Metro Vancouver)

Partnering with Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade across Metro Vancouver, the Future of the Region Sustainability Dialogues is an outreach component of the Sustainable Region Initiative (SRI) aimed at stimulating thoughts and conversation on how to transition to a zero waste economy. The dialogues will consist of panelists of experts on environmental, social, and economic sustainability issues, and the outcomes of the discussions aim to inform community agents and descision-makers on how to transition to a less consumption-based economic system.