The Vitality Project is live!

What makes a community thrive? Is there optimal scale for the neighbourhood, city, and region? What are the new models of governance do we require for managing multiple, competing uses of land, our natural resources, and for maintaining our own vitality? What makes a community not just get by, but GET AHEAD?

Vitality is the difference between thriving and merely surviving. The Vitality Project, Vt, investigates the factors we think are important for community vitality. A collaborative effort between the Canada Research Chair on Sustainable Community Development and the Sustainability Solutions Group, Vt combines theory with practice.

The resources and research you will encounter in this online tool are designed to inform you on what aspects of vitality are important to community. Through the survey, we aim to gather your perspectives about your own community. As more users of this tool contribute information, we will be able to gain a better understanding of how communities across Canada are performing. Please contribute to our survey and engage with the Vitality Project, so that we as a nation can develop a greater appreciation what makes a community thrive rather than simply survive.