CRC Video: Retelling our first animation

This video features a recrafting of the first video created in CRC Research's social media research project.  We began our social media experiment with an animated video designed to highlight the differences between humans living with nature and humans living against nature. Using stop-motion animation and tongue-in-cheek humour, the animation unfolded the natural succession of an ecosystem and abruptly interrupted this process with rapid industrialization.  Created January 2011, the original animation was the inaugural video of our social media research project and it initiated the focused effort of developing our YouTube HEAD Talks channel. When creating this video, our social media work was an experimental process, and we approached the experiement as a trial run and learning process. CRC Research's online presence and sophistication with multimedia has increased dramatically over the last year; thus, we have decided to revisit the sketch animation and retell this story with a bit more clarity and relevance to our research in sustainable community development.