Selah: Water from Stone

50 years ago, David Bamberger deliberately bought the worst piece of land he could find in Texas and spent decades restoring it. He worked with mother nature to bring the 5,500 acres of degraded land on Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve back to life. Not a drop of water was present, despite digging for 7 water wells that were 500 feet deep. After discovering a dry cavern, he planted grasses throughout the limestone-filled land to soak up rainwater.  Now eleven springs are flourishing across the ranch preserve.

He gave his ranch the name ‘Selah’, meaning to stop, to pause, to look around and to reflect on everything you see. This thinking has now left a legacy of a thriving and biodiverse ecosystem. We can all make a difference, no matter how small our backyard. A great place to start this week is during the Global Climate Strike, taking place across the world from September 20th – September 27th. We can support the young people’s march on September 27th, a call to action on climate change. One small step for humanity, one giant step for the planet.

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