New York City—A World Leader

Mayor de Blasio’s update to the city’s sustainability agenda, OneNYC, contains ambitious goals for economic inclusion. Imagine 800,000 fewer residents living in poverty, 25% fewer premature deaths and broadband Internet access for everyone.

Other major economic goals, in addition to the more traditional green goals, include creating 240,000 new housing units in ten years, making sure the average New Yorker can reach 25% more jobs within a 45 minute public transit, and adding 4.9 million jobs to the city by 2040. ‘Green’ goals include sending zero waste to landfills and making sure New York has the best air quality of any large city in the nation by 2030, and 80% GHG reduction by 2050.

 Another interesting feature, besides its detailed benchmarks and strategies, and one that may be of interest to Canadians, is the requirement by law to release a four-year update to the plan. This builds in accountability, which should be included in all Canadian local official community plans (OCPs), as well as integrated community sustainability plans (ICSPs).

 Read more about the OneNYC plan here.


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