Nature Needs Half

I try to blog most of the time on the amazing innovations and ideas that are happening on the ground in Canada and internationally. This movement, led by Harvey Locke, is a simple and yet very elegant idea, namely that Nature Needs Half.

If we think about leaving half of the world for nature, then many of our current challenges would be solved—climate change and biodiversity conservation to name only two. (Re)connecting spaces worldwide, biosphere reserves with parks, wildlife corridors and new strategic partnerships are a powerful and immediate way of leaping forward. For example, the Haida Nation has recently achieved protection of nearly half their homeland through a combination of court challenges and negotiations with the province of British Columbia to create new conservancies. To hear about more of these innovations, listen to this interview with Locke on CBC. To learn more about Nature Needs Half, click here.

Leaving half the world for nature would help solve many challenges, namely climate change and biodiversity conservation.


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