Listen to the Young

There is a long and storied history behind the actions of pop stars and their ability to affect society at large with their various beliefs, endorsements and endeavors. One Direction, perhaps best known for their legions of adoring teenage (and not-so-teenaged) fans, recently put together quite the movement, putting them squarely into the “good influence” category, as celebrities go. Their campaign, launched back in July, is all about getting their fans to really think about what kind of world they want to live in. They’re encouraging a legion of young, proactive minds not just to show love for the band, but love for themselves and the planet they call home. It has had an incredible response, with the hashtag #action1D reaching over 2.5 billion impressions. The responses (collected from over 80 000 people in 172 countries) was condensed into a powerful three minute video, showcasing global youth expressing their desire to be heard by world leaders, and to be united in their hope for a more positive future. 

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