Going Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole

This latest article in the Washington Post talks about the dangers of chemicals in food colorings, preservatives and packaging are to children. It then goes on to talk about the attempts to discredit the 'science' behind this finding.

In my latest book, Edging Forward, in the chapter entitled, Going Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole, I discuss how some of the same people who were behind the persistence of the tobacco industry crossed over to the anti-climate change campaign.

It is critical to be an informed consumer in today's noisy internet world, allegations of false news and what others call the post-truth society. When I was 14, there was no public link between cigarette smoking and cancer (the research discovered in the early 1950s and indeed the late 40s was discounted), in fact, believe it or not, there was something wrong with you if you didn't smoke, you were not part of the group.

We must not discount ourselves--our innate common sense--about what is good for our health and our environment, and stop going down and staying in the wrong rabbit hole(s).



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