A Critical Imperative

A new study of more than 650 wildlife management systems in Canada and the United States concluded that most of them lack “fundamental hallmarks of science,” a finding that the study’s lead author said raises doubts about hunting regulations and animal protection in North America. Only 26 per cent of the wildlife management systems include benchmarks to measure performance, while almost half — 48 per cent — do not publish information about the size of animal populations or how they are changing over time.

In my new book, Edging Forward, I wrote " Diversity, I believe, is the foundation of all life, and performs the same service as redundant systems do in airplanes for human safety. It is a critical backup system." How on earth can we reverse current biodiversity loss if we haven't even mapped the critical habitats for endangered species and lack basic scientific data?

Listen in to the last of our biodiversity conversations this Monday, April 30th, as we discuss the critical steps our expert panel believes are necessary for not just edging forward but leaping forward on this critical imperative for 'them and us. If you want to learn more, please visit our biodiversity conservation resource library.

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