Continuing Income Equity

This commentary from the Toronto Star does a good job of attempting to answer the question: Who should be leading the way when it comes to implementing, and recognizing the need for, a living wage? It argues that the provincial minimum wage (which currently sits at $11/h) is not even two thirds of what the cost of living in the city of Toronto requires to maintain financial independence and autonomy for a family of four with working parents. Up until this point, a lot of the onus has been on small, forward thinking and socially responsible businesses to champion the need for a living wage, and lead by example. The article makes the very valid point that our cities and provinces can set a wonderful precedent by choosing to pay their workers a living wage.  Theoretically with good long-term budgeting and the will to move towards a future where the term “working poor” is no longer in the vernacular, it is possible for the implementation of a living wage as the new norm to come from the top down. Higher paying jobs mean fewer turnovers, and a more motivated staff. 

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