BYO BAG Victoria

The City of Victoria has officially banned plastic bags as of today. This means that businesses can no longer provide single-use plastic checkout bags. As part of the Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw (No. 18-008), the ban “intends to reduce plastic bag litter and waste in our community and our landfill”, according to the city website. The average Victoria resident uses 200 plastic bags per year, collectively totaling 17 million. This is a huge milestone for the city, especially after the BC Supreme Court recently dismissed the Canadian Plastic Bag Association’s challenge to the ban. Paper bags can now be provided at a cost (set to rise in 2019) or customers can purchase reusable bags.

To learn more about this new bylaw, visit the City of Victoria website. Happy Canada Day!

The City of Victoria has officially banned plastic bags.

Photo by Guus Baggermans on Unsplash

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