Social Media Committee

Social Media Committee


Rob Newell is a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University. He completed a PhD in Geography at the University of Victoria, where he researched the potential immersive have for supporting coastal management objectives. Rob works on developing creative and interactive ways of using digital media and online communications to disseminate sustainability research ideas, engage stakeholders and the public in sustainability, and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative strategies for sustainable development.He has a keen interest in exploring the elusive intersection between data analysis and communicating interpretations of analyses to broad, diverse audiences.

Dave Adams is a specialist in media production technologies at Royal Roads University. He supports a variety of Royal Roads video production and distribution projects, from pre- to post-production, including presentations and guest speakers, promotional media, and videos professors use within their research and teaching. Dave has been working with analog and digital technologies since the early 90s, and has extensive knowledge on how these technologies and processes have evolved over the last 20 years.

Dan Anthon is a digital and analog media expert at Royal Roads University, with a specialization in synchronous online communication. He has spearheaded countless new services including video conferencing, video streaming, Media lab facilitation both on campus and on remote aboriginal communities, and course development. With an intimate knowledge of technology and process, Dan has contributed to Royal Roads keeping at the forefront of media services by administering and beta testing new platforms and integrating them into the classroom.

Taylor Davis has an undergraduate degree in geography from Queen’s University and a Master’s degree in Environment and Management from Royal Roads. He conducted his thesis research on applying airborne remote sensing to urban watershed restoration through low impact development implementation such as green roofing and rain gardens. He currently works for Terra remote sensing, based on Vancouver Island, where he continues research and development on environmental application of integrated remote sensing. To this end, he works closely with two research groups at the University of Victoria, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) and the British Columbia Centre for Applied Remote Sensing, Modeling and Simulation (BC CARMS). In the spare time that he has, he produces art work. Glad to be a part of the CRC Community for this project, he hopes that his contributions will have a positive effect.