Rob Newell

Rob Newell completed an undergraduate in Biology and Statistics, an MA in Environment and Management, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Geography Department at the University of Victoria, researching the potential immersive geovisualizations have for supporting coastal management objectives.  In addition, he is a researcher and instructor in the School for Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University (RRU), and also has worked with the university's School of Culture and Communications as a course developer and instructor. Research that Rob has worked on includes developing creative and interactive ways of using digital media and online communications to disseminate sustainability research ideas, engage stakeholders and the public in sustainability, and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative strategies for sustainable development.  He has a keen interest in exploring the elusive intersection between data analysis and communicating interpretations of analyses to broad, diverse audiences, and he leads the social media program (HEADTalks) and data visualization work of the team.