Weathering Change Pathways

I recently participated in the Trudeau Foundation Conference in Toronto, Weathering Change Pathways to Sustainability in Canada. There were a number of very  interesting panels, mainly because they exposed critical dialogue on key public policy issues for Canada. The panels are available here, including the key note speakers. I encourage you to watch them, it is almost as good as being there.


CRC Comments

Sebastian Jones

Sat, 2014-12-20 11:59

When I first discovered the Ecofiscal Commission, a couple of weeks back shortly after its launch on December 11th ( I was sceptical- it was founded by a Fraser Institute alumnus.
However it did seem to advocate for carbon pricing so I investigated further. My internal jury is still out, but I am even more intrigued by this group.
It has representatives from across the political and advocacy spectra; from the political right, Preston Manning, through the centre, Paul Martin, to the left, Mike Harcourt. It includes the founder of Ecojustice, Stewart Elgie, and of course is founded by Chris Ragan who has held a seat at the Fraser Institute.
It has an explicit life span of 5-6 years, during which period it promises to produce a series of reports on how Canada can use fiscal policy to drive positive change in environmental policy.
It does of course remind me of the NRTEE, it too aims to consider how the economy and the environment can support each other, or at least how the economy can avoid destroying the environment upon which it depends.
Notable differences include its limited life span and its absolute avoidance of government funding.
I am interested in your views of this initiative.
My apologies if this is not the best path to introduce this topic.