Think Carefully about What You Read

 A new Union of Concerned Scientists report, Heads They Win, Tails We Lose, shows how vested interests influence the use of science in federal decision-making. Although it is an American report, we need to think about how much it also applies to the Canadian context. The methods of abuse they articulate are corrupting the science, shaping public perception, restricting agency effectiveness, influencing congress, and exploiting judicial pathways.

The recent controversy over how Enbridge erased BC islands seems like a prime example of what the Union of Concerned Scientists is talking about.

Three other fascinating articles are one on how theatre delivered a dramatic warning about the planet’s future, in case you are wondering why we have had such a hot summer, and another outlining how the conservatives are ignoring the green prosperity option. We are hoping to publish our action agenda on rethinking growth and prosperity, and you may be interested in our HEADTalks videos on this topic.


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