Sunny Days are Here Again

The Liberal government tabled their first budget today, and the numbers are very promising for sunnier days. While they delivered on most of their election promises to boost development of the green economy, it was the fact that one third of the 5 billion dollars allocated to infrastructure will be earmarked for green projects that stood out. The budget states that 2.9 billion will go to climate change initiatives, including policies to reduce emissions in the transportation and energy sectors and a price on carbon. The investment won’t only help make us climate leaders moving forward, but will also help increase Canada’s market share of the international green tech industry, which has decreased each year since 2008.

It will be very interesting to see this investment strategy in sustainable infrastructure, green technology, green jobs and youth employment, and climate change action will realize the benefits that many are now predicting is the only real 'growth' possible in a volatile economy. It certainly opens space for moving towards a carbon neutral economy, although eliminating all oil and gas subsidies is still outstanding. 

Listen into our virtual conversation today on how to achieve even sunnier days, as Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party; Catherine Potvin, Leader of the Sustainable Canada Dialogues; Leslie King, Royal Roads University, and Yuill Herbert, one of this country's foremost community climate activists discuss the critical steps they believe are necessary and doable now to move to a carbon neutral economy by 2050.