Stopping the Myths

We live in the best of times and the worst of times. Such a rich information age, and yet, so much misinformation and disinformation. Check out this video for an example of some of the misinformation out there on poverty. What is more troubling to me is the lack of reliable and accurate reporting by the media and its disinformation. For example, we are just concluding a case study on the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative, and thus, have learned a lot about the energy system, or in some ways, the lack of a system, in Ontario. During our interviews, there was an article in the print media about how Ontario residents had to pay more for energy because of renewables, this is simply not true. Renewables account for 4% of the grid, hydro 22% and nuclear 56%. In a highly centralized high load system, when nuclear energy is discharged the system must take it, it cannot be turned off, thus, excess energy is generated, and this energy must go somewhere. Hence, energy is diverted to the States at a lower cost to Americans than Canadians, it has nothing to do with renewables. Read this for another myth buster.


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